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    Pestico Pest Control Geelong has been delivering competent pest control services to local companies for more than 70 years. Pestico Pest Control Geelong experts are all extremely trained, with vast experience in pest management. They undergo regular skills to ensure that they are still mindful of the new trends and legislation in the field of pest control in Geelong and nearby areas.


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    Pestico Pest Control Geelong is a renowned company that offers top-quality pest inspection and care. In delivering non-stop pest control services, our workers are efficient enough. In order to prevent the spread of diseases from these troublesome insects, we have all sorts of pest eradication, such as possum removal, rodent control, dead rat removal, termite control, fumigation, and many other facilities. Contact us right away to book your pest control treatment service in Geelong for the same day.


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    • Effective Pricing: Pest control Geelong provides a safe and economical service within the budgets. We provide a team immediately that provides the service in the same way that the customer wants.
    • Frequency Of 24x7: Pest control Geelong operates day and night to eliminate rodents from the household and business properties. We also operate on weekends and national holidays.
    • Competent Supervisors: We provide accredited and trained pest controllers who give 100% customer experience. Appropriate instruction is given to our professionals at a daily interval of time.
    • Cover All Of The Suburbs: Our technicians are ready in every area of Geelong. We cover all of Geelong suburbs at the most affordable rate. You'll enjoy efficient and easy support at a reasonable price.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Reliable Answers to Common Questions.

    1. How to control the pests in your home and office?

    Ans: Having your home/workplace and environment tidy is the perfect way to keep the bugs at bay.

    2. How much until i can go back in there?

    Ans: If all the liquid therapy has been dried, you can reach the treatment area.

    3. What is pest management Geelong doing?

    Ans: At pest control Geelong, we first check the entire site to assess the location of the outbreak. We use only eco-friendly products which is completely safe for your pets and kids back at home.

    4. Is the chemical going to wash away if it rains a day after you sprayed?

    Ans: If the pesticide has been added to the dry surface but it (the pesticide) has already been dried, the product would not be harmed by rain. Until it was an extraordinary situation like a storm or whatever.

    5. Where are you supposed to approach?

    Ans: Our treatments based on your pest. While we ensure that the areas where the pests hide, feed, and breed are handled thoroughly.

    6. What kind of pest control would i need?

    Ans: This varies on the insect epidemic you're having. Before beginning treatment, we will also check the overgrowth condition and the chemicals being used.

    7. Do i have to leave because you're on treatment?

    Ans: You shouldn't have to leave the building or location whilst you are being handled, so if you have any allergy or respiratory difficulties, it is advisable to sit at a reasonable distance. Even so, we warn that pets and children should be kept safe from care as a safety precaution.

    8. But what were the strategies you use to handle pests?


    The system of management of the pest shall be determined upon examination. We choose among mentioned methods below.

    • Spraying substances: this is by far the safest process.
    • Mechanical replacement of experts
    • Usage of nets and equipment for trapping.

    9. What is your method of pest control Geelong treatment?


    The following actions describe the method very well.

    Pre-pest safety check: in the first place, our pest management staff will inspect the site to assess the extent of the outbreak. After knowing the condition, pick the necessary tool to eliminate the insect.

    Physical therapy: after the inspection, our team of experts will apply an appropriate approach to the removal of pests. The substances we use are environmentally friendly and safe both for humans and animals.

    Post-pest inspection: after the procedure has been finished, our experts can carry out a pest inspection and check if there would be any spot left for procedure.

    10. Would i need to leave my building because you're doing pest control treatment?

    Ans: No, you're going to be pretty safe in your house when we're doing our work. If applicable, our team will remind you in advanced before continuing.

    11. May i clear my kitchen cabinets in advance ?

    Ans: No, you don't have to empty the kitchen cupboards or some other kind of cookware. We use sustainable and environment chemicals based on gel in the kitchen area. You may need to move the furniture or crockery a little further from the wall junctions. While this action could only be carried out by our experts.
    Location: Geelong VIC, Australia

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